Giving Up

On October 10th, New Bedford experienced its 7th and 8th homicide (reportedly). I woke up and tuned in to listen to the local talk radio station. A female caller called in to discuss the murders and the state of the city and immediately started crying. What hit home for me, is that she said, “I have lived in New Bedford my entire life, and I feel like giving up and moving out of New Bedford.”


The way that we rise up as a community is to become directly engaged. Social Media is currently flooded with people complaining about absentee landlords and crime in various neighborhoods. There is no shortage of people who are complaining about the way that everyone else is doing their job. The ...

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Be Better!

Blog #1 9/28/17

Introduction to ME

My name is Candido Trinidad. I am a Realtor with Cobblestone Realty LLC and I will be writing in this capacity. I would like to begin by saying that the opinions expressed herein are mine and they do not reflect the opinions of the Cobblestone Realty LLC business or its partners or affiliates. Did I lose you yet? I am also a Sergeant on the New Bedford Police Department. I started in the NBPD on October 7th, 2001 as a police cadet. However, as my friends will tell you, I was handing out (fake) citations since I was 12/13 from my mountain bike and yes, to my friends who had multiple violations per bike ride.

I was born and raised in New Bedford, Massachusetts. I was brought up poor, in a single ...

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Coming soon...


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